In line with a new stadium or redevelopment, it is often a perfect time to refresh the brand identity and strategy moving forward. As with the ever-evolving market in sport, creating a vision to attract new investment, sponsorships, fans and broadcasters to your product is becoming increasingly vital.

Brand initiatives come in the form of:


One of the fastest growing industries in the world, with viewership now reaching over 810 million people and no signs of slowing down, strategically entering this space can bolster revenue-generating opportunities and tap into new demographics. With esports teams affiliated with major brands and purpose-built arenas being developed globally, the potential outreach can be considered almost priceless. For the world’s most established sporting institutions and sportswear brands, esports and gaming are now very much on the agenda.


Apparel partners

Working with the right suppliers for your business can elevate both quality and perception, which in turn filters back into the overall visual identity of the brand. Ensuring the vision you portray, along with the quality you deliver, go hand in hand in elevating your brand identity. First impressions are everything!


Eco-Friendly initiatives

Going green has several benefits for companies. It can cut costs, improve efficiency, and create healthier workplaces. Less tangible benefits include improving brand reputation and customer loyalty, as well as staff morale.

In essence, going green will not just help your business to drive revenue and solidify its reputation, it will also help the planet. Tapping into the core loyalty of sports fans allows for a wide-reaching opportunity to spread knowledge and benefits that could help shape our planet of tomorrow.



As the modern world continues to develop rapidly, businesses are partnering up to astutely enter into new sectors and spaces they traditionally may not have previously operated in.

This strategy can be applicable across the sports sectors to great success, via shrewd market research and forward-thinking strategizing, what may be seen as ground-breaking today could be commonplace tomorrow. Looking beyond archaic parameters should be a thought process taking place in every boardroom; something Stad Astra actively encourages and aids with.


Pushing Boundaries

Stad Astra can help facilitate strategic changes to a business’s modus operandi by incorporating modern, innovative ideologies, tapping into new revenue streams and showcasing a business model aligned with that of a sports club at the vanguard of 21st century thinking.

Every decision made by a business can positively or negatively impact the potential revenues generated, as well as having huge implications to a brands reputation. Stad Astra’s philosophy is to think outside of the box, push boundaries and implement avant-garde strategies.

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