Stad Astra will oversee and facilitate your stadia or arena project from conception through to ribbon-cutting. Whether a new stadium is in the pipeline, a redevelopment of a current venue or an internal rethink to maximise revenue generating opportunities, we can guide you along the processes to ensure of a successful project.

Working in unison with our first-class network from across the industry allows us to provide clients with solutions for any eventuality. These include:


Strategy development and insight across multiple industry sectors allows us to provide the best solutions for your project requirements. This is achieved by combining both corporate and project level targets to deliver an appropriate and effective solution.

  • Providing solutions and advice for problems which may be occurring within a business model
  • Establishing the best suited project teams, based on the prerequisite project necessities and budget
  • Business expansion and collaboration for additional revenue streams
  • Market analysis to ensure the most modern, suitable solutions are succinctly utilised
  • Acute understanding of the business’ requirements and changing landscape of the stadium industry
  • Negotiating fees and financial expenditure on behalf of clients to preserve project budgets


Supplier Development

Sourcing and collaborating with vetted suppliers both domestically and internationally, to provide successful delivery and value to your project.

  • Determining the best suppliers are sourced for the approved vendor list
  • Assuring the budgets integrity, per individual project, are retained
  • Ensuring each product type is the highest quality available in market
  • Utilising vast array of industry contacts and network to projects benefit


Venue Maximisation

Maximising the utilisation and revenue generation of your venue by applying established business principles that ensure efficient, cost-effective operations.

  • Implement any design and structural necessities in conjunction with the specific project team
  • Acute understanding of the business’ requirements and changing landscape of the stadium industry
  • Working with architects to optimise revenue generating areas
  • Preparing a commercial design brief for architects/project team
  • Determining the venue capacity and future fitout
  • Ensuring the design is optimised for non-matchday usage
  • Safeguarding the client’s commercial interests during the design phase
  • Researching target demographics

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