From inception to inauguration, Stad Astra takes the reins of your stadia or arena project, ensuring a seamless journey. Whether you have plans for a brand-new stadium, a redevelopment of an existing venue, or an internal transformation aimed at optimising revenue generation, we are here to provide expert guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring a successful outcome.

Working in unison with our first-class network from across the industry allows us to provide clients with solutions for any eventuality. These include:


Our ability to offer optimal solutions for your project requirements stems from our expertise in strategy development and insights across various industry sectors. By integrating both corporate and project-level objectives, we ensure the delivery of appropriate and effective solutions.

Key aspects of our services include:

  • Problem-solving and advisory services to address challenges within your business model.
  • Forming project teams tailored to specific project needs and budgetary considerations.
  • Facilitating business expansion and fostering collaborations for additional revenue streams.
  • Conducting comprehensive market analysis to ensure the implementation of modern, suitable solutions.
  • Acute understanding of your business requirements and evolving landscape of the stadium industry.
  • Skilful negotiation of fees and financial expenditures on behalf of clients to uphold project budgets.


Supplier Development

Sourcing and collaborating with vetted suppliers both domestically and internationally, to provide successful delivery and value to your project.

  • Meticulously selecting and identifying the most suitable suppliers for inclusion in the approved vendor list.
  • Safeguarding the integrity of project budgets, ensuring adherence to financial plans on an individual project basis.
  • Prioritising the utilisation of the highest-quality products available in the market for each specific product type.
  • Leveraging our extensive industry contacts and networks to the advantage of each project, maximising opportunities and resources.


Venue Maximisation

Maximising the utilisation and revenue generation of your venue by applying established business principles that ensure efficient, cost-effective operations.

  • Collaborating with the project team to incorporate specific design and structural requirements seamlessly.
  • Possessing an in-depth understanding of the business's needs and staying attuned to the evolving landscape of the venue industry.
  • Working with architects to optimise revenue generating areas.
  • Developing a commercial design brief for the architects and project team.
  • Determining the optimal venue capacity and planning for future fit-outs.
  • Ensuring the design is optimised for non-matchday usage, expanding revenue opportunities.
  • Safeguarding the client’s commercial interests throughout the design phase.
  • Conducting thorough research on target demographics to inform decision making.

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