With the everchanging landscape of both the venue industry and the entire planet in general, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the current and previous formats in which we construct our buildings and power our necessary functions are proving to be the catalyst for climate damage that could soon be irreversible unless we start to implement environmentally friendly solutions on a worldwide scale.


Stad Astra wants to be at the forefront of this change. We have teamed up with a variety of businesses whose products and strategies aid the push towards carbon neutral solutions, utilising a wide variety of sources, from solar power, to kinetic energy harnessed through human movement, we are championing divergent thinking.

By introducing energy efficient models into stadiums and arenas, the benefits are almost tangible, such as;

  • Reduced Business Overheads
  • Less Company Waste
  • Improved Brand Perception
  • Helping the Environment
  • Saving future generations!

It has become paramount that eco-friendly thinking is intertwined with our future ideologies, so now is the time to action such changes. Stad Astra can help your business go green today for a better tomorrow.

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